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A Solution-driven one-stop custom online printing services shop Printmax Online has effectively linked brands with customers. While other businesses only provide items, Printmax Online provides comprehensive solutions that communicate your message, alter attitudes, and increase sales. Consider us your full-service creative agency.

Whether it’s big-size digital documents, mailing lists, custom packaging, or promotional goods, our printing, advertising, and printing services expertise are prepared to transform your project into a piece of beauty.

Why Choose Printmax Online As Your Printing Services Partner?

We have been Bahrain’s top printing services and promotional firm for long years. Long-lasting relationships with our clients have been forged due to our reliability in producing high-quality printing services. We are dedicated to providing print-on-demand services in Bahrain that are of the highest caliber. Our slogan is “quality printing and quick delivery.” Modern printing services are available in Bahrain from Printmax Online at competitive rates.

Printmax Online leverages creativity and innovation to engage your audience, whether you’re operating an employee incentives program, creating a direct marketing campaign, or creating excitement for an upcoming event. Every project is an opportunity for us to explore the countless potential and opportunities this relationship brings to our clients. Allow us to improve your marketing communications significantly.

Look no further if you want committed, high-quality printing services with amiable, knowledgeable staff. We’ll collaborate with you at every stage to fulfill our unshakable dedication to exceeding your expectations.

Services We Offer

When you need us, we are always here. We pride ourselves on offering the best goods and printing services in this industry while working hard to satisfy the needs of both businesses and people.

We will go above and beyond your expectations by giving you the top-quality service you deserve, whether you want your next brochure to be expertly produced by one of our in-house graphic designers or your flier personalized with variable data printing.


Do you have pictures for marketing materials bouncing around in your brain but require a skilled artist to make them come to life? Let our talented graphic designers realize your creative aspirations. Our designers will produce something you’ll be happy to put your name on, whether you require a well-designed logo, an eye-catching direct mail series, or an attention-grabbing brochure.

Our designers are qualified, experienced, and devoted to making you. Your company appears fantastic, from creative advice through logo design and corporate identity creation. We are prepared to assist you at any stage of the design process.

Printing Services

Printmax Online is the ideal choice in Bahrain for all your digital printing requirements. We provide affordable professional printing of all kinds. We have the experience and expertise to create exactly what you need on time, whether you’re looking for business cards, brochures, postcards, big format printing, flyers, folders, reports, posters, letterhead, stickers, or door hangers (and more). With our large-size posters, banners, and prints, you can grab people’s attention in Bahrain.

We also provide the tools and technology required to streamline your printing procedure so you can do the work more quickly without compromising quality. Our printing solutions comprise:

Direct Mail Services

We provide a wide variety of postal services, such as mail handling, mail forwarding, and letter preparation. Additionally, we handle your variable data mailings, including customized emails, unique invoices, and surveys. Finally, we’ll ensure your documents are delivered accurately and on time.

We don’t miss anything, and it doesn’t matter if it’s raining, shining, or sleeting.

After your marketing materials are created and prepared, we can resume working without issue. We handle the whole shipping process on your behalf from beginning to end.

Erratic data

It’s time to talk privately. Customizing your marketing materials allows you to speak directly to your audience and better connect with your consumers. In addition, your communications will be more relevant and targeted if you use variable data printing to take advantage of the power of customization and add particular information to every marketing piece.

You get a competitive advantage and a closer relationship with your audience thanks to variable data printing.


Most projects go through numerous phases, from designing the final product to printing it before they are deemed finished. The final step—finishing and binding—is one of the most crucial ones. We provide various finishing and binding options, so you can be confident that your project will be well-planned from beginning to end. From cutting to assembly, marking to stacking, we will accomplish your project appropriately and to the highest standards.

We will work with you to establish what finishing and binding services your project will require once it has been created and printed.

Multi-Platform Advertising

42% of recipients of direct mail options react to it online, according to the Direct Marketing Association. According to additional research, customized URLs can increase response rates from direct mail campaigns by 2 to 5 times.

You may interact with your target market over various media channels and significantly raise your response rate with a well-designed cross-media marketing approach.

You may combine the effectiveness of direct mail with the interactive strength of the web with the help of our cross-media marketing solutions.

This enables:

Increase the response rates for direct marketing.

Produce more high-quality leads.

Profit from great leads.

Real-time outcomes measurement

Our identity

What we do, we adore. Therefore, nothing makes us happier than offering a solution that will assist you in reaching your objectives.

Our goal and commitment to you

Our goal is to offer you the best possible goods and printing services. We pledge to deliver results above your expectations, timely, and within your price range.


We are happy with the solid foundation we have established in the neighborhood. We work hard to be on the cutting edge of technology to satisfy your communication demands. We’ll keep developing into a multifaceted, energetic group of print and marketing experts equipped to handle any challenge that comes our way.


What printing services and goods do you provide?

A good query! We are a full-service retailer with a huge selection of goods and printing services. Please check our Products, Promotions, and Services websites for a complete list and description of what we can do for you.

How can I request a price quotation from you?

We welcome you to utilize our quotation form because you are already here. Otherwise, calling and speaking with one of our customer service specialists is the best approach to ensure that we have all the information required to provide a precise quote.

Which resolution should I choose when saving my images and graphics?

300 dpi should be chosen as the resolution.

Low-resolution images and graphics downloaded from the Internet often have 72 or 96 dpi. Avoid using these graphics because they will seem pixelated and blocky when printed.

Also, remember that you should always save images in CMYK mode rather than RGB mode. This is because RGB-saved images might not print properly. Please let us know if you cannot save a picture in CMYK mode.

What exactly is proof, and why should I consider it?

The proof is the sole copy of your work that remains after editing and printing modification are finished. Your final and best opportunity to ensure that your print job comes out precisely how you want it to is now. You may help us ensure that your print job is produced precisely and beautifully the first time you run it by carefully going through the sample.

In essence, color reproduction differs across printers and displays.

The RGB (red, green, and blue) color model is what monitors utilize and typically allows a larger color spectrum. The CMYK color model, used in printers, can replicate most of the colors in the RGB color model, but not all of them. CMYK is often 85–90% of the colors in the RGB model, depending on the technology utilized.

The program selects the color it believes is the best match when a color is chosen from the RGB model outside of the CMYK model’s range. You may select the color you want to replace using software like Adobe Photoshop. Some cannot.